Cite Us: Xu, Q., Liu, Y., Sun, D., Huang, X., Li, F., Zhai, J., ... & Niu, B. (2023). OncoCTMiner: streamlining precision oncology trial matching via molecular profile analysis. Database, 2023, baad077.
Links: DATABASE, PubMed (PMID:37935585)

Clinical Trials

A platform that focuses on extracting information from registered clinical trials.


Manual Tagged

Thousands of oncology clinical trials have been manually tagged.


Entities Recognition

Automated entity recognition based on NLP tools and internal-trained models.


Trials Searching

Precise retrieval of clinical trials based on entity annotation results.


Trials Matching

Precise matching of clinical trials based on entity annotation results.


Trials Filtering

Precise filtering of clinical trials based on tagging results and trial meta info.

Clinical Trials

Manually Tagged

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Entity-Criteria-Trial Triplets

Trials Searching

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